The Authority of the Believer Conference // STARTS TONIGHT


Encounter Memphis Church - 4229 New Willow Rd, Memphis TN

When: Friday November 11th  through Sunday November 13th




Tom Elkins, the founder of Charis Partners International will be leading a conference in Memphis TN at Encounter Memphis church November 11th thru the 13th. He will be speaking and ministering on the topic, The Authority Of The Believer Positioned In Christ. The Biblical truth and practical application taught and imparted in this conference is absolutely essential for every believer in this hour and the days before us. If you desire to see things really change and shift in your life, marriage, your family, or your vocation you must understand the difference between Biblical information for intellectual knowledge and “BIBLICAL, HOLY SPIRIT REVELATION” that is TRANSFORMATIONAL. 

Many in the church have been inoculated with a powerless gospel therefore living defeated lives and suffering needless causalities and loss because they have been taught to embrace religion or a denomination rather than embracing an ABIDING RELATIONSHIP OF INTIMACY WITH THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.    

Every true Believer has been given the “Keys to the Kingdom” and therefore must understand and operate “doing life” in the delegated authority of Jesus Christ. The enemy will always attempt to compete with God’s voice to usurp His destiny in your life. It is critical that you KNOW GOD’S VOICE and maintain the right mindset- “THE MIND OF CHRIST” 

God is not just delivering you from something in this season…He is delivering you to something! Spiritual Warfare is not always about your past; it often has everything to do with your destiny. There is a lot of false and twisted teachings today when it comes to Spiritual warfare. We must first understand the Authority of the Believer. Yes, Satan is alive and working overtime. Yes, he desires to destroy you but SATAN HAS ALREADY BEEN DEFEATED! If you desire to walk in victory, you don’t focus on the enemy. Your focus is Jesus! You must know your true identity and how to exercise your authority in Christ. Any time Jesus gives us a first principle in the scriptures, that kingdom principle must be followed. If you are going to tear down the strongholds before you and move the mountains that seem impossible it always requires an active obedient faith. Jesus defines Satan as the “strong man” and only after he is bound can you realize the spoils and victory of your battle. It is impossible to bind the enemy until you understand your position and authority in Christ. 

These will be days of freedom, healing and celebration in Christ.”    



Friday the 11th - 9-12 Morning sessions Worship, Praise, Equipping & Ministry  

Friday night 7 Pm - Worship, Word and Ministry

Saturday the 12th - 9-12 Morning sessions Worship, Praise, Equipping & Ministry  

Saturday night 7 Pm Worship, Word and Ministry

Sunday the 13th @ 4 Pm Worship, Word & Ministry



Monday November 14th @ 7 Pm -Friends and Partners of Charis Partners International will have a special night at the Great Hall in Germantown. Invite a friend. Pastor Tom will be giving a ministry update and ministering.