Charis Partners International is a Christ-centered, Church-focused nondenominational Christian organization. We serve and support the global Body of Jesus Christ in advancing and establishing the Kingdom of God in the least evangelized regions of the world through strategic national partnerships.  


We are an effective means of reaching “SOULS” and planting churches in the least evangelized countries around the world. CPI is committed to connecting you and your church to personally engage in this awesome end time move of God and harvest of souls.     

Pastor and evangelist Tom Elkins has been working and serving national leaders in the 10-40 window or world “A” since 1986. Charis Partners International was founded to effectively and efficiently advance the Kingdom of God by establishing strategic partnerships for world evangelization. 

We provide spiritual and physical aid to the least evangelized peoples in our world. We are focused on proclaiming the Gospel and meeting the needs of victims who live in the most impoverished regions where war, famine, disease and natural disaster are only equaled by the depths of spiritual darkness.   
The diverse ministries of CPI serve the Church worldwide to promote the gospel with the purpose of proclaiming and demonstrating God's love through His Son, Jesus Christ.