The Authority of the Believer Conference // November 11 - 13, 2016

October has certainly been full of surprises! In the calamity and disgrace of this national election it would be easy to miss the spiritual reality that the winds of Heaven have been released into the earth realm. In the natural, this election will certainly bring a shift to this nation with the change of political power and governance. As we have experienced with both candidates revelation brings to the light that which is hidden and causes obscure things to become very clear. The Lord is gracious and continues to call His church to repentance. Sadly, the spiritual condition of this nation is a reflection of the pulpits and the church of North America. Just asWikileaks has exposed the lies and corruption of leadership within the political system the Holy Spirit will in this season bring to light the lies and deception of the enemy within the church of Jesus Christ. God has decreed that judgment begins in His house.    

I have a “now” relevant word from the Lord and I am really excited to be in Memphis November 11th thru the 13th for the Authority Of The BelieverConference. In the midst of the darkness, God is sounding the trumpets for the church to arise and release the glory of heaven.

November is a defining moment of TRANSITION for this nation. Allow me to move from the National picture to speak to you personally. If you are a Believer and follower of Jesus Christ this is a season of radical spiritual transition! Just as this election has been radical - you will have to choose who you will love, obey and serve. This is the time to choose to walk in the authority and obedience of Christ. Your personal commitment to “SPIRITUAL TRANSITION” will determine your level of “TRANSFORMATION” in this new season. 

For some time the Holy Spirit has been speaking to me about the winds of change. Last week we were setting up tables and helping decorate for Daniel and Jenna’s wedding. The winds were blowing so strong that at one point everything had to stop as heavy, eight foot tables were being turned over and blowing away. It was a very frustrating moment. As I was making my appeal to heaven the Holy Spirit reminded me again of His righteous frustration. “Remember when I turned over the tables and cleansed the temple in the gospels? This is what I am doing -turning over the corrupt and powerless tables of religion and exposing the thieves selling a false peace.” I was clearly instructed to look at the verses that followed and verse 14 reads, “THEN (after the temple was cleansed) the blind and the lame came to Him in the temple, and He healed them.”  The power of The Kingdom is always preceded by purity. Church this is not just a defining moment in history its a refining moment in history. This is a season of threshing. Threshing is word that is often used in the scriptures to define God’s providential chastening and His judicial visitation.

God is raising up an army that will walk in His Authority and Power! A powerless Gospel is a false gospel. When the temple was cleansed there was the tangible manifestation of miracles, signs and wonders. 

This is a season where it is imperative to discern the roar of the lion. The enemy is roaring but if you have ears to hear and eyes to see, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah is roaring much louder. You must stand and withstand the enemy in this season - in the Authority and Power of Christ. God has promised you victory but you will only experience victory to the degree that you EXERCISE AND LEGISLATE YOUR AUTHORITY IN CHRIST!

I hope you will join me November 11th - 13th as we learn to walk in victory and release heaven here on earth. God has chosen you to co-labor with Him as a transitional - transformational change agent in this new season.