“We must be intentional to reach the more than 10,000 unreached people groups in the world today with the message of hope, and salvation. Everything that we do must yield to finishing the unfinished task of World Evangelism. We are living in the twilight hour and the black darkness of night is crouching at the door. Can you hear the cry from the nations? The ministry of CPI was birthed by the Spirit of God for such a time as this”




“…One of the greatest things that has ever happened in the life of our church.”
— Dr. Charlie Martin, Senior Pastor First Baptist Church, Indian Rocks Florida
“A vital and fruitful outreach in global missions boomed under his visionary leadership.”
— Merle Dye, SIM, Veteran Missionary of 45 years serving in Ethiopia, Sudan and the U.S.
“Tom’s leadership in evangelism, prayer ministry, and world mission action has attracted hundreds of disciples.”
— Dr. Roland G. Barrington, Director of Counseling, FBCIR Florida
“Tom’s foundation for administration was biblically based strengthening the integrity of every staff’s performance”
— Thomas S. McLeRoy, Chairman Board of Directors, United World Mission
“Tom Elkins’s life reflects what he teaches and preaches.”
— Rev. Ross Davis, Director of Cross Cultural Ministries-Church Dynamics International, Vista CA